There are both specialists and generalists among our translators, so we can translate documents of any kind, and in many areas of special expertise.

We work with the following language pairs:
• Azerbaijani – Ukrainian
• Azerbaijani – Russian
• Azerbaijani – English
• Ukrainian – Russian
• Ukrainian – English
• Russian – English

We offer the following types of services:
• Translation
• Review against the original
• Proofreading of translated text
• Web site translation
• Evaluation of translation tests
• Consecutive Interpreting
• Notarization
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We have established and continue developing relations with many
clients in Ukraine and abroad, including the following of them:

• First Kiev State Notary’s Office
• Supreme Court of Ukraine
• Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
• Solomensky District Court (Kiev)
• Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine
• Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine (Consular Department)
• Representative of Azerbaijan State Television Company (AzTV) in Ukraine



Tel.: +38 (067) 933 99 75